A Chat With The PeerGame Team

23. April, 2021, 13:19

We had a chat with the PeerGame Team and asked them some questions about their operation. We absolutely love playing on their site and have given it an excellent rating for a number of reasons. You can read our detailed review right here. They are huge promoters of the Bitcoin SV crypto and use it as their primary payment option. Well, let's crack on with the questions:


Why did you decide to use Bitcoin SV as your primary crypto?

We wanted to provide a casino experience that is unlike anything that currently exists. It is what we call Casino 2.0, and Bitcoin SV was the ideal choice to deliver such an experience.

Using BSV, we removed the entire steps of user registration, data submission, email verification, sign-in, payment account creation, deposit, withdrawal permission and processes, time delays, and so on.

These are all unnatural steps that have become normal. You do not register or submit information when you enter a store to buy food or an arcade to play games. Simply visit, pay, and get what you want, which is what PeerGame emulates.

You don't have to register, make deposits, nor ask for withdrawals to play at Peergame. You can just visit the site, play, and get winning rewards instantly back to your wallet. It's fast and hassle-free. And most importantly, you have full custody and control over your money, which you always should have. Thanks to BSV and its underlying technology, we are able to provide this unique and better experience to all our gamers.


Do you have any plans to add new games or payment methods in the future?

Of course, we have a lot on our plates going forward. We are planning to add Blackjack, Poker, and many more games, as well as many more features for more engagements and rewards for our gamers.

Crypto is just better, easier, faster, and provides more anonymity, which gamblers want. Also, blockchain is very useful when creating 100% provably fairness.


What is the biggest win one of your players has ever had?

The biggest single win is from Bitto, our Bitcoin Lottery, when someone won first place and received 110.74479209 BSV.

Excluding Bitto, the biggest single win took place this month, winning 82.8 BSV on Roulette. This gamer actually was able to win a total of over 400 BSV in 3~4 hours, and we thought we were gonna go bankrupt... lol. In the end, he ended up taking home about 90 BSV total that day, which was still a big loss for us, but we were relieved.


Can you tell us about any future projects you are involved in?

PvP Games(such as Coin Battles and Texas Holdem) that can be proved 100% fair using blockchain is getting a lot of our attention lately for the following reasons:

  • Completely fair randomness that no one can manipulate
  • No deposit required from gamers(on-chain games), and instant winning payouts to gamers.
  • Very easy to use
  • Adhering to these principles, we are pursuing to build and provide a better and faster way of playing these games.


Do you think any other coin will overtake Bitcoin as the most valuable?

Bitcoin was originally designed to be a peer-to-peer cash system, not a digital gold nor a store of value. Considering this fact, we believe that Bitcoin SV could one day be recognized as the real Bitcoin. With its insanely low fees, instant 0-conf payments, and capacity to process so many transactions per second, it could one day become a universal currency and overtake BTC.

We want to thank PeerGame for their time and hope you can all head on over to their site and try out their provably fair games.

Esther Nuñez
Publicista y Mercadóloga con un gran interés por los libros y el fútbol. Redactora de contenido para el mundo de las apuestas deportivas y casinos.
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